The Lowest Price For 1 Layer PCB

The Lowest Price For 1 Layer PCB


Welcome to Well-Tech - one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of PCB products in China. Our factory is engaged in PCB manufacturing and offering customized the lowest price for 1 layer pcb at competitive price. High reliability, strong diversity and expert advice are our characteristics. Please contact us if you have inquiry.

Products description:

1 Layer PCB also named Single-sided PCB, is the simplest and cheapest type of printed circuit boards, with a single layer of copper on a rigid base material,solder resist and idents can also be addes.These single sided PCB are widely used in various electronics applications.

 These boards don\'t require plated through holes and only have a circuit pattern on one side, This type of PCB can be used for both through hole and surface mount components. We are a reliable manufacturer of single sided printed circuit board which are rugged, inexpensive, and can easily used for you.

Products specification:

Layers: 1

Board thickness: 2.0mm

Copper weight: 1oz

Finishing: OSP